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There is  3 Angels Message Truth that needs to be exemplified to the world.


There needs to be a disconnect with the world and a focus on what’s Heavenly. 


There needs to be character development, and experiences shared by testimony.

Building an army

When the church perfectly reflects Christ, an army can go to the world!

Character Building – Testimonies – Go to the World

70 Partner Campaign: How It Works

We are expanding our program to help build an army. We believe that once the church perfectly reflects our King, this army can go to the world.  SWM Radio is a tool for this cause.

Remember your donation helps missions! Points to understand:

  • Donations helps us support missionary families
  • Donations helps radio operations
  • Donors can have a FREE website
  • Donors get FREE basic medical missionary training
  • Donors get to witness on radio

Programs To Be Broadcasted to the World

Let’s Pray!

Bringing people together for prayer and testimonies around the world.

Last Days Book Club

Impacting books about faith and courage during difficult times.

Cooking With A Mission

Cooking demonstrations and recipes with the purpose of promoting plant-based eating.

The Morning Program

News, updates and information regarding the last days.

Mysteries of Creation

Learn how to grow your own food and how to make the ground produce more.

Southern California Prayer Line

Timely messages from different speakers for the times we are living in.

Morning Manna

Spiritual food provided for you each day of the year. Do not miss them!

Your Daily Briefing

Current event updates with a spiritual application provided 365 days a year.

Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Speakers who have taken the mantle of speaking truth for these times.

Survival Program

A program that teaches techniques when it comes to surviving outdoors.

LATE – Living At The End

A program that helps the edification of all who believe that we are living at the very end.

The Bible Readings

Reading portions of the Bible every day of the year starting Genesis to Revelation.

Berean Bible Study Group

Studying the Bible like the Bereans to see what is Truth and what is not.

Pathway to Peace

Radio Bible study lessons to help with Christian growth.

Our Current Promotion: Your Partnership : Your Testimonies : Our Mission

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