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Basic Medical Missionary Course for Monthly Listener Supporters

As a way of saying thank you, SWM offers a medical missionary course for those who are monthly listener-supporters of the Serving With A Mission Radio Ministry.

What is the cost?

If you support SWM monthly, this course may be an option for you. Or you can become a supporter. Contact us for details.

How long is the program?

For this program, you meet once a week for 12 weeks (or 3 months).

What is the Curriculum?
  1. Why be a Medical Missionary?
    • Bible and SOP quotes showing why you need to be a medical missionary.
    • Why the medical missionary work is God’s appointed agency for physical mental, spiritual & emotional healing.
    • The medical missionry work as the last work
  2. The Laws That Govern Health
    • The 8 laws of health
    • The other 16 laws of health we have taken for granted in the Bible and SOP
    • A practical and deeper understanding of God’s healing system
  3. God’s Method of Healing
    • The restorative powers in nature
  4. Four Stages of Disease
    • Understanding the progressive stages of disease
  5. Four Systems of Cleansing
    • Understanding the 4 steps needed for healing
  6. Legal Implications
  7. The Ultimate Cleansing System (Bonus)
    • A step by step cleansing system designed to re-establish good health
    • A practical system of cleansing enabling you to work on your own health and the health of others
    • Supporting yourself in the medical missionary work
Is there certification?

Though this is a basic program, there is certification with this program. This is a vocational course.

Standard Certified Medical Missionary Class for Serious Students

SWM is collaborating with IIOM to bring a very serious medical missionary program to those whoe would like in-depth training with the International Institute of Original Medicine curriculum. This training does cost. But it is worth it as it is interactive as well as in-depth.

What Is the cost?

This training is more intense. But if you sign up before April 22, 2019, there is a discount.

How long is the program?

In this program,  you meet with a big study group weekly for ten months. You also get notes and quizzes throughout the week on the SWM app to reinforce what you have learned.

What is the curriculum?
IIOM 01 Concepts of Original Medicine 1/15
IIOM 02 Counsels on Diets and Foods 3/45
IIOM 03 Ministry of Health and Healing 3/45
IIOM 04 Home Remedies and Hydrotherapy 3/45
IIOM 07 Counsels on Health 3/45
IIOM 10 Basic Principles of Total Health and the Hierarchy of Nutrients 2/30
IIOM 11 Scientific Basis for Nutrition 3/45
IIOM 61 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 1 1/15
IIOM 64 Disease Processes and Conventional Medicine, Part 1 3/45
IIOM 75 The Medical Missionary Manual 2/30
IIOM 82 Case Study or Project (CMM) 2/30
IIOM SC Steps to Christ
Total Core Credits/Hours 26/390
IIOM 05 A Biblical Perspective on Hygiene 1/15
IIOM 06 Drugs, Herbs, & Natural Remedies 1/15
IIOM 08 Mind, Character and Personality 2/30
IIOM 09 Healthful Living 2/30
IIOM 30 Herbs of the Bible 2/30
IIOM 32 The Green Pharmacy 3/45
IIOM 76 The Divine Prescription for Health and Healing 3/45
Total Elective Credits/Hours 14/210


Is there certification?

Definitely. This program is accredited, and there are even degree options. But sure to speak to your SWM rep if you are interested in taking this additional step.

First tell us which program may interest you more

Basic medical missionary course

This course is for SWM Radio listeners who have been donating to the ministry. This is the ministry’s way of saying Thank  You. However, even if you not one of our partners, you can schedule an interview to learn the details.

certified in-depth medical missionary training

This is an in-depth medical missionary course that can be started immediately. The curriculum comes from the International Institute of Original Medicine. It comes with a mentor and hands-on training. Get started below.

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