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here is how it works:

Do you have a desire to share the gospel? Become a SWM Radio Field Reporter! This volunteer position gives you a unique way to witness. The only requirement is to follow up with one person per month who you may have witnessed to. Why is this important? Let’s say we share a book with someone. When they walk away, you hope they will open the book and read it. If they read it, you hope they understand what is being read. If they understand, you hope they finish it or a seed is planted. Following up with one person a month removes some of the questions. It allows you to possibly nurture the person you are witnessing to. In addition, we ask you to interview the person or share the story over the air at SWM Radio. This allows listeners to pray for the individual!

When a SWM Radio Field Reporter invites a potential reader to join them on the air, it gives the reader incentive to actually read the book.


 Great Controversy Book Club

We are looking to start this in April 2019.  SWM Radio will review one chapter a week on Friday nights starting at 5PM EST. People who receive books will be able to follow along and possibly get their questions answered.

Time is short. Many to reach! Would you be a SWM Radio Field Reporter today?

let’s get started!

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