Can You Be On The Monitoring Team?

here is how it works:

You will be part of a team that will monitor SWM Radio for four (4) weeks. Each we we will have you fill out a survey. At the end of the period, we will send you a gift for cooperating.

It’s that simple!

The gift that will be sent is a book from author Aubrey Duncan. 



let’s get started!

Tell Us About You!

Are you Male or Female?

What times of the day is it convenient for you to listen? (Periods are not mandatory, and you can listen to a portion of a period as well. You can also choose more than one.)

I understand that by participating for 30 days (monitoring & filling out the weekly survey) I will be entitled for the free gift.

2 + 4 =

Ready to Become A Certified Medical Missionary?

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