The Music on SWM Radio

An Important Worship Element

This is Our Story

It is the aim of SWM Radio to be a broadcasting station that would come straight from Heaven itself. Therefore, the music must be of a heavenly origin. This includes understanding how music is put together from the message, melody, rhythm and more. When music is of God, without all of the ways people manipulate it today, it should be inviting to the Holy Spirit. In fact, when young David played his harp, it would drive evil spirits away. Today we should have the same tool to fill our atmospheres with the Holy Spirit.

What About Christmas Music?

Because the enemy has counterfeited the story of Christ’s first with paganism on December 25, should we still not play music about Christ’s birth? For that reason, we play music regarding His birth 365 days a year. This we do even though we know He was born September/October.